Satnan Avionics

Satnan Avionics is a full service Avionics and Light Maintenance shop offering installations of all major manufacturers including Garmin, Avidyne, NAT and many others. Satnan Avionics has the experience necessary to make sure your installation meets FAA standards. Our skilled staff want to make sure the job is done right and we know that our reputation is at stake on every job we do. Coming to Sioux Falls?

Stop by our ramp

- No Ramp fee’s

- Lounge
- Wireless Internet
- Hangar Space usually available with advance notice
- Loaner Car Available
- Maintenance and Avionics available
- GA Friendly.

We are located just west of the approach end of RWY 21 on the west cargo ramp on taxiway Kilo.

Excellent Avionics Service.


“Satnan Avionics helps Sanford Intensive Air stay in the Air”

Greg Lostroh
Sanford Intensive Air Sioux Falls, SD

“One might ask, “Why does one go over 400 miles to an avionics shop?”

Lyle Mortenson