Satnan Avionics

Services We Provide

Satnan Avionics is pleased to announce that we will be providing two additional

services.  Database update service for all of your Garmin products.  For your

GNS430W and 530W units we have up to date Nav Data cards on hand so you

can simply exchange cards with us, so you can always have an up to date

database for that flight you have been planning without the hassles and cost of

a full subscription. Please call for details.

Satnan Avioncs also would like to announce that we now have an IA on Staff and will be providing General Aviation maintenance and annual inspection services for piston singles and light twins effective May 20011.  Call and schedule your maintenance with us today.

- Bi-Annual Integrated System Check (static and transponder 2 year check)
- Completed at your home airport within 120 miles (requires 4 or more)
- WAAS Upgrades for GNS430 and GNS530 units
- AAIP Avionics inspections
- Light Aircraft Maintenance and Annuals (single engine and light twin)
- Airline and Freight Carriers Maintenance support
- Avionics Repairs both bench and on aircraft repairs
- Avionics Pre-wiring (for the homebuilder)
- Panel replacement


“One might ask, “Why does one go over 400 miles to an avionics shop?”

Lyle Mortenson

“Satnan Avionics helps Sanford Intensive Air stay in the Air”

Greg Lostroh
Sanford Intensive Air Sioux Falls, SD